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Prospect Accelerator is a leading-edge technology company that enables publishers to maximize the value of their ad inventory. A boutique, full-service ad operations agency, the company offers premium publishers access to a highly sophisticated Real-Time Bidding (RTB) platform that greatly outperforms the competition. Pioneered by a team of industry veterans, Prospect Accelerator is a strategic partner that offers clients comprehensive real-time tools and services, including ad trafficking, state-of-the-art campaign optimization, reporting, monitoring and more.

RTB Solution

With the advent of Real-Time Bidding (RTB), display advertising is increasingly sold via automated technologies. Publishers are increasingly taking advantage of this shift to generate the highest incremental monetization for their remnant inventory. With its leading-edge technology platform and comprehensive suite of ad operations services, Prospect Accelerator offers a smarter way of realizing the maximum value of online ads.


  • Access real-time demand from thousands of buyers
  • Single UI for managing sales and demand
  • Create private exchanges and custom UIs for your preferred demand partners
+ Holistic Yield Management

RTB the smart way: manage channel conflicts, differentiate your inventory, and protect your brand from inappropriate ads.

+ Direct and RTB

Traffic direct deals on Prospect’s platform while connecting your inventory to the full spectrum of RTB demand. Prevent direct sales loss and reputation damage by filtering demand by brand, buyer and appropriateness.

+ Sell Side Optimization

Advanced sell-side optimization that differentiates and adds value to your inventory to yield the highest possible CPM.


  • Identify and target audiences which drive the most value
  • Custom dashboard that delivers all the information you need
  • Data modeling tools to increase ROI for your advertiser partners



Prospect Accelerator is a boutique provider of white-glove ad operations services for online publishers.

Our highly experienced team offers clients tailored solutions that greatly improve the efficiency and value of their ad operations. Founded in 2012 by ad tech veterans from some of the industry’s leading players, Prospect Accelerator is a privately owned and founder operated company based in midtown Manhattan.

Services include:

  • Ad trafficking
  • Campaign management and optimization
  • Inventory reporting and forecasting
  • Comprehensive reporting and performance analysis
  • Advising on ways of improving ad serving and workflow process


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